2018 California Firearm Legislation

California Brady Campaign PRIORITY Bills to Support:

AB 3 (Bonta)
Raises the minimum age to purchase a long gun from a licensed firearms dealer from 18 to 21 in order to keep rifles, shotguns, and lower receivers out of potentially dangerous hands.
AB 2222 (Quirk)
Strengthens firearm tracing and crime gun investigation by requiring all law enforcement agencies within the state to enter information on recovered firearms into a state database within seven days.
SB 1100 (Portantino)
Raises the minimum age to purchase a long gun from a licensed firearms dealer from 18 to 21 and limits long gun purchases to 1 gun within a 30-day period in order to keep rifles, shotguns, and lower receivers out of dangerous hands and reduce gun trafficking.
SB 1200 (Skinner)
Improves the process for obtaining a Gun Violence Restraining Order and ensures that all firearms and firearm components can be removed when an order is issued so that people at risk of harm to self or others are disarmed.

California Brady Campaign SUPPORTS the following bills:

AB 1927 (Bonta)
Prevents firearm suicides by allowing those who worry about acting on suicidal thoughts to voluntarily and confidentially add their own name to the California Do Not Sell List so that they cannot purchase a firearm.
AB 2103 (Gloria)
Ensures proper qualification and training for a carry concealed weapon (CCW) license by requiring a live-fire test and a minimum of 8 hours of training.
AB 2382 (Gipson)
Regulates the sale of unfinished receivers and other firearm precursor parts, including a requirement to conduct a background check by cross-checking state databases, to prevent purchase by persons prohibited from possessing firearms and to prevent untraceable self-assembled guns.
AB 2526 (Rubio)
Clarifies emergency temporary gun violence restraining order procedures for law enforcement and the courts to ensure that time-sensitive orders are issued efficiently and effectively when there is immediate and present danger by having a firearm.
AB 2781 (Low)
Requires law enforcement agencies in California to obtain and submit ballistic images of fired bullets and expended cartridge casings associated with crime guns into the National Integrated Ballistics Imaging Network (NIBIN) database to aid in investigating and solving gun crimes.
AB 2817 (Santiago)
Prevents firearm suicide by updating gun lending laws to allow gun owners at risk of suicide to give their firearm(s) to a person outside of their immediate family for safekeeping on a temporary and strictly specified basis.
AB 3129 (Rubio)
Imposes a lifetime firearm prohibition on anyone convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence in order to match federal law and enable better enforcement.
AB 2888 (Ting)
Enables an employer, a coworker, or an employee of a high school or college to petition the court for a gun violence restraining order to temporarily prohibit a person at risk of harm to self or others from possessing or purchasing a firearm.
SB 746 (Portantino)
Allows a person who is prohibited from possessing firearms because of an outstanding warrant for a felony or prohibiting misdemeanor, to transfer his or her firearms or ammunition to a licensed firearms dealer for the duration of the prohibition.
SB 1185 (Hill)
Requires law enforcement agencies to keep track of all firearms by adopting procedures, including maintaining and updating their firearm inventory, annually reconciling the inventory with firearms in possession, and reporting of lost or stolen firearms.
SB 1281 (Stern)
Prohibits the destruction of sealed records to enable the enforcement of a firearm prohibition until the age of 30 for those who, as a juvenile, committed certain offenses.
SJR 24 (Jackson)
Urges Congress and the President to reauthorize and strengthen the federal assault weapons ban, and calls on CalPERS to engage with companies in which it is invested that sell or manufacture firearms to facilitate their withdrawal from the activity or, if a company refuses, to produce a plan to divest from the company.

California Brady Campaign OPPOSES the following bills:

AB 1931 (Fong)
Extends the duration of a carry concealed weapon (CCW) license from 2 to 5 years.
AB 2733 (Harper)
Repeals requirement for new models of handguns to be equipped with microstamping technology that aids in identifying crime guns and armed criminals.
AB 2860 (Allen)
Repeals unsafe handgun act statutes that require handguns to meet basic safety standards and have certain features.
AB 3026 (Melendez)
Considers good cause for a carry concealed weapon (CCW) license to include self-defense without a specific threat, the California Constitution, or the value of concealed firearms in deterring violent crime; and allows a resident of another state to apply for a CCW permit from any sheriff within California.
SB 1092 (Anderson)
Allows possession of silencers and their use on long guns while hunting; prohibits attaching silencers to handguns.