What We Do:

Cleveland School Remembers/Brady works to reduce violence and to bring about awareness of the impact of gun violence on the community. CSR/Brady is working with local and national groups to facilitate a reduction in violence.

Our Mission:

  • Promote Common Sense Gun Laws
  • Raise Awareness about Gun Violence
  • Promote Public Health & Safety
  • Support Social Justice

We do this through:

  • Education
  • Outreach activities which engage children and families in conversations about neighborhood violence (Healthy Kids’ Day, Earth Day, and other events (city-wide)
  • Networking & planning with other groups
  • Being vocal about legislation for Common Sense Gun Laws and Social Justice within California and throughout the nation

We support programs and legislation that:

  • Increase public safety
  • Empower youth
  • Provide anti-violence awareness
  • Support sensible gun laws
  • Support Social Justice

Cleveland School Remembers/Brady was founded by a group of  teachers The Cleveland School Shootingwho survived the Cleveland Elementary School shooting in 1989. Read more about the first school shooting..

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