Student Perspective (2014)

This Video was created in 2014 by:

  • Kavya Atluri
  • Phoebe Fisher
  •  Lior Zweig

Kavya Atluri, Phoebe Fisher, and Lior Zweig are currently graduating 8th graders at a New York middle school. They originally created their documentary for the National History Day competition and landed a spot at the State level.

They decided to choose the Stockton Shooting and Roberti-Roos Act as their topic because they felt it connected to their lives as 21st century students. “It was very emotional for us,” stated Phoebe, “As we researched and created the project, we couldn’t help but think of Newtown, which was so recent and close by.” Now that the competition is over, they hope that their documentary will help others and keep the memory of Stockton alive.

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