Guns, Politics, Legislation, and the Courts


Malloy signs bills requiring gun removal after restraining order requirement

The compromises that got one State’s Republicans to increase gun protections for domestic violence victims

Brown: Frustration fuels Rep. Kelly’s tears over gun violence

Gun Control Advocates report more than $2.1million in contributions (This short NPR report discusses the Maine effort to get background checks on the ballot.  Interesting

GOP lawmaker proposes allowing guns on Capitol grounds

A bad law gives an ironic break to gun thieves (About a serious problem stemming from Proposition 47 in California)

In a tight Senate race, gun reform groups tried targeted strikes. The NRA waged all-out war.

The Easiest States to buy a gun (Eye opening information)

How gun violence preventions finally became a winning political platform

Trump and Clinton on guns: two visions on race, justice, and policing in the US (the push for gun control has become a major issue in the campaign

Senate backs Wolk’s firearms violence research bill

NRA facing member backlash over Trump endorsement

By endorsing Trump early, NRA elevates political priorities above rank and file concerns

The NRA’s new campaign math: pour more money into fewer races, defeat Democrats at any cost

State Attorneys General want the CDC to study gun violence (signed by 14 States Attorneys Generals)

This will be an historic (and terrifying) election for gun control

Obama makes move on ‘Smart Guns’

Gabby Giffords comes to Illinois to promote gun dealer legislation

Georgia governor vetoes campus carry bill

As States expand gun rights, police object

‘I’m a Republican lawmaker in the deep South.  These are the gun laws I can support.(A place to start)

Why some gun rights advocates aren’t sold on Donald Trump

St. Louis leaders “livid” over move to expand gun rights

Gun stores finally won approval to keep digital records without first asking permission

Arizona passes novel plan to reject expanded background check laws (especially aimed at ballot-driven expansions sponsored by Everytown

Sandyy Hook weapons case denied

SC man who shot and ‘slow-cooked  ‘two men out on bail thanks to stand-your-ground law

Judge finds Planned Parenthood shooting suspect unfit for trial

House conservatives lose battle to block domestic violence law (Connecticut)

Lt. Gov. Newsom says he has enough signatures for gun safety initiative

Missouri House votes to drop permit requirement for concealed guns

Gun deaths in your district. What have your elected representatives done? (It actually will find our district and show the records of our elected officials!)

Bill introduced to prohibit sex offenders from owning guns

California’s proposed gun laws won’t change our culture of violence, but they will make us safer (Good information on proposed legislation

Two pro-gun Republican governors can sign campus carry into law. What’s stopping them?

NBA’s Thunder among groups opposing two Oklahoma gun bills

Gun bill would help public challenge fFBI background checks (refers to appeals about failed background checks

Tougher gun laws advance in State legislature (California news from KQED)

Tennessee Gun Rights law shields firearms from international treaties

Why a Republican Senator who pushed for Federal gun reform was spared a primary challenge (Sen. Pat Toomey)

Should Congress require a hearing for gun violence after each moment of silence for victims? (interesting idea by a frustrated LA Congressman

Justice may be pressured to recuse himself in Maine gun-rights case (had been a member of Mayors against Illegal Guns

Aurora theater shooting trial cost taxpayers at least $3 million (not including the cost of the public defender’s office

Rand Paul wants to allow every airline pilot to carry a gun

Gun provisions snag bipartisan mental health bill

Clinton keeps hammering Sanders for his gun votes. Here’s what the beef is about.

Let’s end gun safety hypocrisy and pass the ATF Enforcement Act

Trump-loving ‘Alt Right’ turns to guns to provoke and offend

Connecticut Senator not happy with Bernie Sander’s view on Sandy Hook lawsuit

Concerns over phone-gun lookalikes prompt Minnesota legislation

There’s now a pro-gun petition trolling the Democratic National Convention

Bill to video gun buyers, add restrictions for shop owners pulled (Pulled or postponed? AB 2459 addressed

Court says Missouri woman can sue gun store over murder weapon sold to mentally ill woman

Lawsuits against gun dealers almost never make it to trial.  This one will.

Take away a felon’s guns permit? Courts rarely send notification. (Georgia)

Toomey ads push expanded background checks on gun sales

The Ghost vote: Giving a voice to those who lost theirs to gun violence

Insanity:12,000 Republicans sign petition to allow guns into National convention in Cleveland

Although thousands petition to allow guns at the Republican National Convention, Secret Service is not convinced

McAuliffe vetoes bills loosening gun restrictions (Virginia. A governor doing his job

Maverick GOP Senator shoots down pro-gun bills (Florida.  An interesting article)

Why is the United States such a gun happy society?  It’s time to find out. (A LA Times editorial in support of Wolk’s bill.)

Enough already! States do what they can to stem gun violence (A thorough analysis

Northern Mariana Islands rush to restrict gun access (Interesting!)

Trump wants to remind white people that gun violence is a black problem

Don’t believe the NRA’s hype about President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee

Read the letter the NRA’s top outside lawyer wrote in support of Merrick Garland

McConnell: No Supreme Court Justice until the NRA approves of the nominee

Gun Owners of America say John Kasich is a wolf in sheep’s clothing (‘The NRA is more forgiving than we are’ Larry Pratt)

Parents jeer gun law that allows Dad to open carry at school 

The Pittsburgh suburb where gunmen attacked a family cookout was one of dozens forced to scrap it firearms rules (The power of threatened suits as a result of state legislation

Bill defeated in Tennessee that would have held adult gun owners responsible is loaded guns left accessible to children

Supreme Court cites Second Amendment in stun gun decision, says State court misapplied Heller 

Is Merrick Garland anti-gun? ‘It’s impossible to tell’

Federal Appeals Court rejects challenge to Colorado gun control laws

48 more bikers indicted in Waco shootout that left 7 dead

Ted Cruz’ no compromise stance on guns

The Pittsburgh suburb where gunmen attacked a family cookout was one of dozens forced to scrap its firearms rules

Gun advocates already slammed Merrick Garland over two pivotal cases

Gun measure push by Lt. Governor receiving resistance from Fresno law enforcement leaders

CA bill seeks to lead nation in gun violence research (Welk’s bill passed a key Senate hearing yesterday)

Owning an assault weapon is no longer a fundamental right — for now

Donald Trump:”Great Honor” to be endorsed by Sandy Hook truther

Lawmakers kill 5 bills aimed at repealing some Colorado gun laws

In Hillary Clinton’s landslide South Carolina win, an asterisk on gun control (Interesting nuanced attitudes in a gun culture state)

SF supervisor wants all guns locked up when they are at home

Lawmaker wants ATF gun trace data open for use in lawsuits (Blumenthal introduces bill to repeal Tiahrt amendment)

‘MaKayla’s Law’ could prevent child gun violence (hope in Tennessee)

Justice Thomas broke his ten year silence to complain that domestic abusers can’t have guns

Domestic abusers take their fight to own guns to the Supreme Court

Battle rages over Florida law limiting doctors’ gun speech

St. Louis judge gives 60 year sentence for gun possession (Nearly 10 times the sentence recommended by the prosecutor! Sending a message!)

Four big gun rights questions the Supreme Court may have to sort out

Loretta Lynch urges top lawyers to strengthen gun background check system

Ex-California State Senator Leland Yee, gun control champion, heading to prison for weapons trafficking

Violent felon gets back his gun rights, then fatally shoots a police officer . More than 25 States have statutes for allowing some criminals to own firearms again

Iowa Lawmakers approve bill that would allow kids to have handguns

Parents could be held liable for leaving loaded gun with young kids

New Florida law bans backyard gun ranges.

Senator Durbin cosponsors bipartisan legislation to combat gun trafficking and straw purchasing

A California State Senator is proposing legislation to create a gun violence research center at the University of California (Let’s watch SB1006) 

House Republicans stop Honda gun violence research legislation (Federal level)

Background checks and mental health records (After the “Market Report” is a NPR bit about the 6 states not submitting mental health records.  Listen)

Murphy candid on mental health reform (Notice the other provisions some lawmakers are trying to insert in this bill

Police groups issues support for NICS Denial Notification Act (H.R. 4320)

The making of Obama’s gun plan: political calculus and false starts limited options for tougher action

These charts show why the NRA will be playing defense in 2016’s tightese congressional races

Scalia’s gun rights legacy is likely to stand, no matter who replaces him.  It also leaves proponents of regulation plenty of room to pursue their agenda

Prosecutor group advocates stricter laws, more gun surrenders

ATF rarely busts unlicensed gun sellers. Obama’s new plan isn’t going to change that

The rise of the sagebrush sheriffs (rural sheriffs who see themselves as protectors of the constitution against government encroachment)

How Donald Trump used ‘gun free zones’ to score populist cred

The gun industry’s trade association has launched efforts in a handful of US statehouses seeking to restrict discrimination by financial institutions

New Jersey gun legislation, passed with no dissenting votes from either party in both houses, vetoed by Christie 

Bill would strip legal immunity from the gun industry

San Francisco passes law requiring gun owner to lock up weapons in vehicles (includes information about # of guns stolen from cars)

Rand Paul’s failed Presidential bid robbed radical gun group of its moment in the spotlight

Vt. Lawmaker proposes requiring gun owners to register guns with insurance companies

Voters in these 6 States may get to set their own gun laws this year

25 States will let you carry a concealed gun without making sure you know how to shoot one

John Howard on 20 years of gun control (Maybe the US can learn from the Australian experience)

Lawmakers seeking mandatory insurance for gun owners in 4 states (from a site that I usually don’t read, but was cited in the Trace newsletter

People have a ‘fundamental right’ to own assault weapons, court rules

Gillibrand pushing legislation to fight gun trafficking between states (Listen to the NPR short on this legislation

Gun show organizers are set to give President Obama’s Executive Actions their most public test

A guide to the 2016 Presidential candidates’ records on gun control and the Second Amendment  (Interesting and scary)

For 2016 Republicans, there’s not much to debate on gun laws

Christie kills New Jersey ‘Smart Gun’ legislation with a veto

Veterans should lead the push for more secure gun laws (Interesting perspective) 

At Senate Gun Hearing, Democrats and Republicans see wildly different things in President Obama’s Executive Actions (Read this. Unbelievable, but probably to be expected!

FBI Official: ‘Perfect storm’ imperiling gun background checks  (Look at the video.  It summarizes the serious problem)

Guns are Beyond Obama’s Reach

A history of gun control policy in Washington (Very good interactive chart showing major events and legislation

Bernie Sanders’ position on gun industry immunity ignores how the firearms market actually works

Gun dealers must report stolen weapons, feds say

The NRA is taking credit for the background check system it tried to sink

Oakland Gun Control Laws move forward (This should be of interest to other cities)

2015 Gun Law State Scorecard:Why we grade the states. (from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

It’s getting harder to deny that strong gun laws have an effect on gun violence (This article examines the Law Center study plus more)

How a proud gun owner became the ‘enemy number 1’ of the NRA

How the bullet button inventor lets California’s assault weapon owners blast away without breaking the law

The ‘Miracle Program’ that actually reduces gun violence (This should make Stockton residents feel good

Judge upholds Seattle’s ‘gun violence tax’, dismisses NRA suit

Connecticut to ban gun sales to those on the Federal terrorism list

Why Democrats are going small on gun control

Ex-Congressman behind the ban on fFederal gun violence research explains his big regrets

House Democrats hijack House floor for gun vote

States expanded gun rights after Sandy Hook (We should know the details, even though they are not comfortable)

Here’s a list of all  the gun control laws Congress has passed since Newtown

To Congress:CDC research on guns will save lives

Senators had to cancel a press conference about a mass shooting because of a mass shooting (and therefore kept legislation from being introduced)

Supreme Court rejects major 2nd Amendment Case, and Justice Thomas has a fit

Democrats look poised to use gun issue in 2016

Schumer presses gun control bill (Notice the statistics from the GAO, Government Accountability Office, halfway down the article)

Mixed record in Sacramento on gun control laws; new calls for further limits (Good KQED analysis)

Taking Note – Gun Control Roll Call: Background Checks and the Terrorism Watch List (Lists of Senators and how they voted)

Could new California law prevent mass shootings? (NPR audio

Trying to overturn a gun law (gun industry immunity)

Why I caved on guns when I ran for Governor of Texas. I was part of the reason we can’t make progress on this issue.and I regret it every day. By Wendy Davis

Packing in the Day Care Center

Rev. Al Sharpton, Spike Lee push to create national gun violence month

What the NRA won’t admit about Virginia’s elections

Senate Republicans just blocked a bunch of gun control measures. Even one that would have stopped suspected terrorists from purchasing a gun. (The day after San Bermardino!!)

Judge tosses lawsuit against ‘Muslim-free’ gun store in Florida

Paris attacks prompt focus on gun access in the US

Paul Ryan balks over blocking gun sales to people on terror watch list

NYPD Commisioner to Congress:’Start getting Serious’ on guns

Ancient English legal precedents at heart of US gun control tussle

California’s ballot measure will bypass the NRA on gun control (from the Sac Bee) 

A prohibition of  refugees won’t prevent terror attacks — but gun control might  

NRA and gun nuts block legislation to close loophole letting 2,00 people on the FBI watch list buy arms  

SF supervisor widens proposal on locking guns left in vehicles 

Montini: Why screen refugees but not gun buyers? (This article is from Arizona, but it’s a good question nationally, too) 

Senate Democrats want to know why American toddlers keep shooting people 

Democrats urge Obama to slap stricter safety measures on gun makers

Chris Christie vetoes bill that would have forced domestic abusers to surrender their guns

Jackie Speier is a rare politician – one who has survived being shot