Take Action – Support LIFE Act Firearm Legislation

Support the California Senate’s package of gun violence prevention bills known as the LIFE (Life-saving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement) Act.

  • SB 374 (Steinberg): Would strengthen and simplify the state’s assault weapons ban by prohibiting the future sale of semi-automatic centerfire rifles capable of accepting detachable ammunition magazines, and would close gaps in state records by requiring firearm owners to submit records for such rifles acquired after 2001 to the Department of Justice;
  • SB 396 (Hancock): Would prohibit the possession of large capacity ammunition magazines, some of which can hold up to 100 rounds of ammunition;
  • SB 53 (De Leon): Would prevent convicted criminals from being able to purchase ammunition by requiring ammunition buyers to become authorized to purchase ammunition by passing a complete background check;
  • SB 683 (Block): Would improve firearms education by requiring all firearm purchasers – not just handgun purchasers, as required by current law – to pass an objective written test on firearm safety before acquiring a weapon;
  • SB 47 (Yee): Would close a loophole in the state’s assault weapons ban that currently allows the sale of assault weapons equipped with a “bullet button,” a device that enables a firearm user to quickly reload by switching ammunition magazines;
  • SB 755 (Wolk): Would prevent dangerous people from acquiring guns by expanding the categories of people prohibited from possessing firearms to include individuals with convictions for drug and alcohol offenses and other serious misdemeanors;
  • SB 567 (Jackson): Would improve the definition of “shotgun” so that rifled bore shotguns with revolving ammunition cylinders would be properly designated as assault weapons and therefore prohibited.

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