Spotlight on Recent Gun Safety Court Activity

Spotlight on Recent Gun Safety Court Activity – Notes from Sue Rothman, July 26, 2018:

 The most recent “Rothman Reports” posting contains an unusual number of actions about guns in the court system. Several of them involved significant suits, which could have a broad impact. Some Key stories in this report, include:

  • Cody Wilson (Texas) sued the United States government for infringing on his freedom of speech after he was ordered to stop sharing plans for making 3-D guns through internet postings. These would have been “ghost guns”, i.e. guns which would be unregistered and untraceable. The State Department had ruled that these plans had violated export laws. Although the government had won in all lower court decisions, it settled the case, allowing Wilson to post his tutorials.  This could allow restricted individuals, such as domestic abusers, terrorists or felons, to have a gun without going through a background check.






  • The NRA has filed a lawsuit against the City of Seattle. Joining them in the suit are The Second Amendment Foundation and 2 Seattle gun owners.  Seattle has a new regulation, which requires gun owners to safely store their firearms or face a fine up to $10,000 if their gun is used in the commission of a crime.  The most severe penalty would be if a minor uses an unsecured gun to commit a crime or injure someone.