No More Names Rally – and an insensitive audience

At the No More Names Rally in Concord New Hampshire, John Cantin addressed the audience. John’s daughter Melissa was shot and killed by her estranged husband in Manchester, NH in 2009. John was also shot, but he survived.

While he was speaking at the No More Names rally in Concord, a loud group of Kelly Ayotte supporters attempted to interrupt his speech, chanting in opposition to background checks and other common sense measures to reduce gun violence. In April, Kelly Ayotte cast a critical vote to block common-sense gun legislation — even though 89 percent of Granite Staters support background checks for all gun sales.

One aggressive Ayotte backer even pushed his way onto the podium and attempted to intimidate John, but John continued his speech.

The amount of insensitivity demonstrated by some of the crowd, mainly the t-shirted man(?) seemed to have little regard for the loss of John’s daughter to gun violence.   John and John’s message prevailed.

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