LA Film Festival of “Requiem for the Dead”

HBO is doing a free screening (just a small $1.00 processing fee) at the LA Film Festival of “Requiem for the Dead,” a documentary exploring gun violence and its toll on society. The screening is ahead of the documentary’s premiere on HBO on June 22nd.

 Overview from HBO: 

Every spring in America more than 8,000 people die from gunfire. HBO’S REQUIEM FOR THE DEAD: AMERICAN SPRING 2014 – created entirely from found footage — social media postings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere, news accounts, 9-1-1 calls, and material from police files — tells the stories of some of those who died in the spring of 2014. From accidental shootings, to suicides, to family disputes, to random violence, the stories are told in a present-tense manner by the people who lived them, through their own words and images. The deep sense of loss for these individuals, who come to life through these portraits, represents just a fraction of the 32,000 people who are lost to gunfire in America every year, an average of 88 deaths per day.

The screening takes place on June 17th at 5:30pm.  One of our staffers, Leigh Flores, will be there.  If you have questions, please contact Leigh at:

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