Cleveland School Remembers at Earth Day & Healthy Kids Day

Cleveland School Remembers is grateful to be partnering with Jagged Lines of Imagination, Mexican Heritage Center, Weston Ranch Community Association, Stockton Unified School District, and San Joaquin County YMCA to offer young people who attend Earth Day & Healthy Kids Day the opportunity to create art work (“Wish Flags”) about their neighborhoods. The “Wish Flag” project will see its results displayed at various venues throughout the community over the next several weeks.

More about the Healthy Kids Day Event (April 5, 2014)…

More about the Earth Day Event (April 6)……

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!   We invite volunteers who would like to help young people create “Wish Flags” in response to the prompt, “What do you wish for your neighborhood that would make it a better place to live?”

In addition to help with the artwork, we will need volunteers to help record brief comments the children make about their wishes for their neighborhoods. Volunteers will have an opportunity to attend an optional training a few days before the events.

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