Beware of the “Law-Abiding Citizen”

Highlights from a blog from the National Gun Victims Action Council:

Every insane US gun law on the books is based on the fiction of the “law-abiding citizen”. The NRA says law-abiding citizens (a.k.a. “good guys”) will always follow the law so there is no need for them to endure regulations. But this is absurd…..The truth is:

  •  All criminals were once law-abiding citizens
  • “Normal “people (not classified as mentally ill) can become enraged and  reach for an easy tool ( a nearby gun) to kill one or many people.

In fact, all the high-profile US shootings from Virginia Tech to Tucson to Aurora to Newtown were committed by so-called “law-abiding citizens,” who had no criminal histories. Read more and see some examples of previous law abiding citizens….