“With Our Words”

Cleveland School Remembers (CSR) supports Stockton’s poetry slam group, “With Our Words” who will be participating in the Brave New Voices national tournament in Atlanta July 15-19.

WOW is a nine-year old local program for youth, especially minority youth, that encourages them to express themselves through art and spoken word. Since 2007, past and present members of WOW’s youth poetry slam team have had a 99% high school graduation rate and a 93% college attendance rate. WOW is helping kids to consider better life choices, including getting out of the cycle of violence and guns.

WOW was a big part of Stockton’s presentation last month, which won the return of Stockton’s All-American City status. Their words are powerful, and their program empowers its youth members.

Help support WOW-   donate online at withourwords.causevox.com.


This is one way we can help others make change happen!!