Key Statistics about Suicide and Guns

Key Statistics about Suicide and Guns In the United States


Methods of completed suicides:

  • 51.6% Firearm
  • 22.6% Suffocation
  • 17.9% Poisoning
  • 2.1%    Jumping
  • 1.8%    Cutting
  • 4.0% Other

Things to Know:

  • More people use a firearm than every other method
  • 85% of firearm suicide attempts are successful
  • 90% of survivors of near-lethal suicide attempts do not commit suicide thereafter.

Acquisition of Guns used in suicide:

85% of youths under 18 who died by firearm suicide used a family member’s gun, usually a parent.

(The above information is taken from ”Means Matter: Suicide, guns & Public Health”; T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University)

 Daily Statistics:

In America every day, using a gun:

  • 2 Children (0-19) kill themselves using a gun
  • 1 Children (0-19) survive a suicide attempt by a gun
  • 55 people (of all ages) kill themselves
  • 10 People survive a suicide attempt

Yearly Statistics

In America, each year on average (over the last 5 years), using a gun:

  • 827 children and teens (ages 0-19) kill themselves
  • 280 children and teens (0-19) survive a suicide attempt
  • 19,992 people of all ages kill themselves
  • 3,791 people of all ages survive a suicide


The above information is from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence