The Gun Industry and the NRA

What the gun industry thinks women want

NRA tells parents to keep guns in kids’ rooms for safety

The NRA has been making the same slippery slope argument since 1934 (Good history lesson)

Kalashnikov, maker of the AK-47, looks to rebrand

The NRA is talking tough on crime again, bipartisan prison sentencing reform be damned (By raising fears that prison reform will put criminals out on the street, raising fear

Texarkana company’s custom-designed firearms turn heads (You MUST see these

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Gun control advocates pray for NRA members: “They too are children of God”

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Beretta is moving its manufacturing plant from Maryland to Tennessee (Guess why?)

Gun trade group NSSF  promotes guns via their economic impact

Sinking gun stocks have Wall Street wondering if epic sales boom is ending

Sinister double-barrelled gun designed to look exactly like SMARTPHONE (This is scary!!)

Another article about the smartphone shaped gun with more details

Gun shop owners run into regulatory silencer (California.  Now a court case.)

Sccy stops lifetime theft warranty in bow to ATF.  (Apparently a large number were used in crimes, suggesting that they were bought to “lose” to those in crimes, so new ones could be received

Gun Manufacturers need to lead change, not just follow the law (An excellent article, albeit from an industry outsider)

Concealed carriers have made a tiny pistol with a sketchy past a big seller for gun makers

The Gun Industry’s plan to make it easier to buy a silencer

Marketing guns to children

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Want to hack a smart gun?  You’ll need a giant magnet, says industry pioneer

Smart guns: Could fingerprint technology solve America’s shooting deaths?

Welcome to the future of gun control (Hopeful)

The gun lobby maddeningly prevents the development of safer, childproof weapons

Buoyant gun industry sees enemies everywhere

DeBlasio asks Police Pension Fund to divest from gunmakers

Guns and Legislation/Politics Texas businesses adapt to open carry law (Interesting NPR interview)

Obama plans curbs on guns

Obama to participate in Town Hall on guns

Obama’s anti-gun actions give new momentum to survivors

A Daily Show video makes a good point.

Gunmen seize Federal building in Oregon (Are these law abiding citizens with guns? Patriots? Believers in the Constitution?

The gun violence victims who attended President Obama’s speech in 1graphic ttps://

Donald Trump’s radical new proposal on guns

NRA top lobbyist on declining to meet with President Obama:”So what are we going to talk about? Basketball?”