Guns & Society

These 9 States have the most abnormally high gun death rates in America

How extreme beliefs, not mental illness, may fuel mass shooters

Activists are sending a powerful message about gun violence with this yearbook

Juveniles account for 10 percent of murders, police says (About Miami, but worth looking at, especially the way the graphic is presented

With more shootings on the rise in Toronto and Edmondton, more guns are being seized at the border (Story about gun smuggling across the US-Canada border

Media coverage of mentally ill exaggerates their role in gun violence

Suicide prevention: gun laws, depression meds and other methods vary in success

Siblings create Maine camp for kids surviving loved one’s suicide (What a great idea!  I wonder if kids from across the US are aware of this)

A drumbeat of multiple shootings, but America isn’t listening (A thorough NY Times analysis

George Zimmerman gun sells for $250.000

George Zimmerman explains his rationale for auctioning pistol that killed Trayvon Martin (to defeat Hillary Clinton, to support officers killed by Black Lives Matters

Primed to fight the government: A fast-growing movement armed with guns and the Constitution sees a dire threat to liberty

One City, two Americas: Portraits from NRA weekend in Louisville

There’s nothing stopping doctors from speaking to their patients about guns. But they rarely do. (Wintemute is at the center of this issue)

Ex-cop’s gun stolen twice before it surfaced in deadly shooting with police: officials

How Gun Violence changed my life forever

Obama to make ‘smart gun’ push (This article shows some of the forces aligned against this)

Child gun deaths are not ‘accidents’ (Washington Post editorial)

Why the NRA hates smart guns (The author argues against the development of smart guns.  Good to know what their arguments are.

Toddlers have shot at least 23 people this year.

How the NRA is making bank off of urban gun violence (This is about “Making a Killing”)

The online gun market: the new frontier in the gun control debate (Results of report summarized

Private FBI briefing shows crime rates up in more than 40 cities, with murder rates up in many (FBI chief puts blame on less aggressive policing)

Shoot to thrill: Photographs from the LA gun club (Photographer focused on the targets

NRA’s Ted Nugent promotes fake video of Hillary Clinton being shot

Gun ranges produce thousands of tons of toxic pollution every year

Emmanuel AME Church to host hundreds of people impacted by gun violence (in Charleston)

How to talk to your children about gun safety

The day I told my father to shoot himself (The scars of growing up in a house full of guns)

When Fourth grade problems include gunfire

These haunting poems by fourth graders reveal the toll of gun violence on young lives (same teacher as above, but the students’ writing is displayed here

14 Mass shootings in 10 days: The staggering state of gun violence in America

Hollywood becomes increasingly vocal in the fight against gun violence

‘Inside Amy Schumer’ takes on gun violence in exclusive preview

SC Featured: The NY Rens’ anti-gun violence movement (POWERFUL video!)

A School Security expert on why giving guards AR 15s is not the best way to protect students

Mississippi now allows guns in churches

Watch this trailer for ‘Under the Gun’ (Perhaps we should have a watch party)


Taco truck shooting showed up on facebook, posted by Moms Demand Action

Watch a powerful short film that takes viewers to everyday places changed forever by mass shootings

As children are gunned down, a tragic trend emerges: superhero funerals  (Listen to the audio clip.  It’s short, but sobering)

Two year old fatally shoots himself with gun found in his mother’s purse, police say (Some information about the frequency of this problem and lack of statistics

The Rumble and the Reversal: A two part series about the University of Chicago’s change of heart about building a trauma center in the part of Chicago that needs it the most (Good in-depth look at the reson for the reversal

‘I lost part of my soul’: The mothers who lost their children to gun violence

Suicide is ‘forgotten’ in the campus carry debate

Julianne Moore makes an emotional plea for gun control: ‘I don’t ever want to explain another Newtown to my kids’

Coach of the New Orleans Saints calls for gun legislation

Doctor who treated Sandy Hook victims rides 400 miles from Newtown to DC to demand stricter gun control

“I am an assistant high school principal in New Orleans.  My students shouldn’t have to keep burying their friends.”

“Embedded” podcast on NPR investigates the Cossack’s assertion that it is not a “gang”. (About the biker shootout in Waco last year. Scroll down to “The Bikers” on the website).

Wear Orange Day is June 2 (We need to spread the word!

In West, region of guns and suicide, outreach to curb deaths

Two Florida teens arrested after posing with gun at high school on Snapchat video (Principal says they never posed a threat)

Armed anti-Muslim racists tried to terrorize a Mosque and got a big surprise (story is good, even though the source is partisan)

Do you own a gun?  Why your kid’s doctor needs to know

The truth about suicide and guns

Newtown teacher charged with bringing a gun to school

Right to bear arms: When the Chronicle gave guns to subscribers

Kids have brought more than 185 guns into America’s schools since the start of the academic year

NRA draws fire for new versions of children’s fairy tales

Man fires gun in mall parking lot to end struggle between a mentally challenged man and his caregiver (Gunman was an unrelated vigilane)

Chicago teen in anti-violence video critically wounded in shooting

A Chicago woman lost 23 loved ones to gun violence.  She wants to see their faces. (A gripping, must -read story! It has a short video also.

In their own words: Five Texans on their relationship with guns.

Dan Gross: Why gun violence can’t be our new normal

Dealer likely thwarted mass shooting by refusing sale:Sheriff ttp://

Three women are killed every day by their partners.  Here are 59 ideas on how to stop the violence.

Another Sandy Hook playground is desecrated, and a Connecticut woman springs into action (A ‘must read’ story

People speaking out against gun violence keep getting shot.  Here’s the ugly math that explains the phenomenon

Andrew Bird partners with Everytown for Gun Safety. A portion of ticket sales will go to organization.

Parents worry open classroom layout of SF school leaves students vulnerable.  They may be redesigned.

Gun violence 2016: Increased number of weapons confiscated in New York Schools, Report says

‘The Good Wife’ brilliantly takes aim at gun sellers in last episode

Hudson man texts sons to get them out of their home before murder-suicide

He killed a pregnant mom — but he still gets a gun

Uncle who provided gun gets 100 years in Chicago shootings

A top Virginia Republican is peddling self-defense insurance to fearful gun owners

What it sounds like when a family learns their 2-year-old is dead from a gunshot

Authorities want to charge mom shot by her 4 year old son

After Wilkinsburg, 3 caskets for 4 victims (Such a heavy cost.  The nation doesn’t grieve equally for all mass murders, does it?)

The Dunblane massacre 20 years on: How Britain rewrote its gun laws – and the challenge it faces now

Selling guns on Facebook a problem even Facebook can’t solve

Guns and America  (CBS Sunday Morning program)

Bullet holes – a new song by Jodi Height (words are great!  Listen)

So, America this is how other countries do gun control

I survived a mass shooting (Long lasting effects in this YouTube video)

One poll worker who was threatened with a gun tells her story

Police: two students try to get gun, other weapons for attack planned at Newberg HS (Oregon)

Father says he tried to sound the alarm before ex-wife killed their 5 year old son

‘Refuse to be a Victim’ and more lessons for women from the NRA (review of an NRA course for women, and what it neglects

Gifford’s group joins with legal center to combat gun violence (The merger was announced also by the Law Center)

Report shines light on Nevada’s online gun market (How many of these make their way into California?

Media conservative threatens anti-Trump activists: ‘Our side has guns’

Colorado middle school teaches students gun safety

How heavily armed is your state?

Gun control: What works, what doesn’t, and what remains open for debate

Keeping children safe in a gun-friendlly home (This story raises questions about how to best educate gun owners about safety options)

Nancy Reagan’s gun reform legacy

Are looser gun laws changing the social fabric of Missouri?  (Very interesting analysis that could apply elsewhere also

13 Students from a small historically Black university in Florida have been shot in the last 12 months (the last paragraph says the most)

“my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot”, mom brags hours before he shoots her

There have been 23 mass shootings in the last 20 days.

Open carry leader: Obama’s Austin visit during SXSW gun rally could ‘get interesting’

When kids shoot their parents: An American tradition

A shooting victim who refuses to let a massacre define her

Sandy Hook teacher reveals how she kept her students safe during fatal shooting.

Three Sudanese immigrants shot “execution style” in Indiana. (Came here from war zone to find peace and security)

Ex-girlfriend of Kansas workplace shooter pawned murder weapon multiple times. Charged with knowingly transferring guns to a felon; faces ten years in prison

For high crime neighborhoods, a class in gunshot first aid

Gun memorial (WOW!)

There are 7 states with official guns. But only one scares the hell out of me. (Add this to your knowledge bank)

How the NRA is “Making a Killing” off women (Watch the trailer in the bottom of the article.  It suggests signing up for a viewing party.)

Police officers are killed dealing with domestic violence and other problems we ignore (Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence posted this)

What mother who watched her twelve-year-old kill himself wants you to know

Is Trader Joe’s banning guns from all of its stores? (No…)

Gun Control group Everytown finds allies in young women

This idea could prevent campus rape, and maybe even stop mass shootings, too (moving video)

America’s gun problem explained in 18 charts

Why this Georgia business owner requires all his employees to carry guns

The heartbreak of raising a son when mass shootings are the new normal

When hate crimes and guns mix: what five years of Federal data show

New campus gun laws have some University of Texas professors rethinking their curriculum (Difficult to allow free exchange of ideas on sensitive subjects!)

Hollywood A-Listers to protest guns at the Oscars; ‘I’m wearing the victim of gun violence’


This is not a love story

A fighting chance to survive a gunshot (Looks like a good program)

It’s time to talk about what guns have to do with dating. It’s more than you might realize.

A wall memorializing victims of gun violence would stretch 2 1/2 miles (by Jackie Speier)

Gun, drug, car deaths loom large in US longevity gap: Study (Compares US life expectancy to other developed nations)

San Francisco smart gun symposium attracting leading issue proponents and developers

6 proven policies for reducing crime and violence without gun control

Women aren’t drinking the gun industry’s kool aid

NRA board is embroiled in another uproar, this one co-starring Glenn Beck

Columbine Shooter’s Mother interviewed on NPR’s “Fresh Air” (A 43 minute interview, but very interesting

Gun owners pressure NRA over Ted Nugent’s Anti-Semitic Rant (I am proud to count these people as part of my culture!)

Ted Nugent digs in

Three very American reasons we’re so unhealthy

Every 16 hours, an American woman is fatally shot by a current or former romantic partner

Is it really easier to buy a gun than it is to vote (Yes, in some states)

Florida man shoots puppies; puppy shoots back (Deserves a comment, but I can’t come up with one)

Some lawmakers think abuse victims need easier access to guns.  This survivor thinks they’re dead wrong

Women and guns (A very detailed article, made up of many different articles, looking at the issue in many contexts. A must read.)

He uses his gun to threaten and torture me. He is my boyfriend.(This subject needs to be more widely discussed

Facebook to block private gun sales

US gun traders rush to set up new sites after Facebook firearms ban

Sundance Films takes on mass shootings and guns in America

Under the Gun review – gun control polemic hits its target . (Sundance film.  Too bad we can’t show it here somehow

1300 SC churches use worship time Sunday to stand against gun violence

Carnage and Cravenness: Gun Violence in America (well written blog

Corporate America’s Turn Toward Gun Safety

Warriors’ Kerr thanks Obama for his work on gun control (During the Warriors visit to the White House

The danger of unsecured guns (Does California have these laws for securing guns and restricting sale of guns without “integrated mechanical safety devise”?)


Gun Culture and the American Nightmare of Violence

Gunfight or Flee: New Study finds no advantage to using a firearm in self-defense situations

“Little Red Riding Hood (has a gun)”: the NRA re-invents a fairy tale for children

The bravery in the N,B,A,’s push against gun violence

ASU student Jiang Yue’s road rage killing sparks gun debate—- in China

The pernicious myth of the good guy with a gun  (Here’s why it’s wrong)

Bloomberg QuickTake: Guns in America (an overview)

NRA activist’s surprising stance on Obama’s action

‘Empty seats’ fill social media as families remember loved ones lost to gun violence

#EmptySeat: The heartbreaking state of the Union hashtag about gun violence

How gun control advocates are getting around the gun lobby (This sounds like the way Cleveland School Remembers is trying to achieve change

Gun Control around the World: A Primer (Very, very interesting

John Fogerty:’Run through the Jungle’ is a plea for gun control (Creedance Clearwater Revival song from the ’70s

The worst kind of kind of gun accident: When parents shoot their own children (So heartbreaking)

Right wing caravan to DC in doubt after co-founder killed his fellow ‘patriot’ in drunken gun fight

For some Aurora theater jurors, the trial began after the verdict (Struggles the jurists are experiencing now

Gunmen seize Federal building in Oregon (Are these law abiding citizens with guns? Patriots? Believers in the Constitution?

O’Reilly challenges the NRA to be reasonable (He surprised me!)

What gun violence looks like (I can’t find words to describe this)

More than 100 Celebrities Thank President Obama for new gun control measures (the list is included)

President Obama’s NY Times OpEd contribution: Guns are our shared responsibility

Obama said a majority of gun owners would support his new restrictions. He was right.

Joshua DuBois: What the President secretly did at Sandy Hook Elementary School (No wonder he cries when he thinks of the children and their families!)

Watch Colin Goddard being interviewed just before town hall about the significance of the Executive Orders

Facebook remains a haven for unregulated gun sales despite public pressure

Trevor Noah’s segment on Obama and gun control is a turning point for his Daily Show career


MSNBC host to Rick Santorum: What are you doing about ‘white men with guns’?

How to talk to your uncle about gun violence

Gun deaths and motor vehicle deaths converge

Houston restaurants struggle with open carry law

John Piper:Why I disagree with Jerry Falwell Jr. on Christians and guns

Gun Owners of America: An introduction to the Country’s Most Controversial Gun Group

What kind of person calls a mass shooting a hoax? ( A gripping and disturbing article

Florida university could terminate professor who denied Sandy Hook massacre took place (We’ll know in ten days

Guns and History (by Gary Hart, ret. US Senator

Instagram account shows how common gun violence is across the US (check out the instagram  account @someplace_else

65,000 teddy bears and one man to sort the world’s grief (Cleveland School staff will identify with this)

A child is shot to death every other day in the US

A gun culture Christmas

;Most Americans no longer support an assault weapon ban

Will I risk going to Star Wars opening night?

Cops ask armed citizens to fight terrorists. What could go wrong?

Just how many guns do Americans own? (Mike the Gun Guy)

Ohio editor: I was fired after inquiring about rejected anti-NRA editorial

Don’t blame mental illness for gun violence

San Bernardino: Who’s to blame for the “United States of Hate?”

Our shared blame for the shooting in San Bernardino  

NY Times runs page 1 editorial: End the gun epidemic in America

NY Times story about its editorial

The case for banning assault weapons

The 97 percent solution to gun violence in America

Watch: Celebs join President Obama in end to gun violence video

Three years and 90,000 gun deaths since Sandy Hook, appetite for change builds

Open-carry advocates planning a ‘mock shooting’ at the University of Texas during finals week. (Really sensitive people!!!)

Six snowballs thrown in the gun control debate. by Adam Gopnik. (Excellent counters to frequent arguments against gun control)

Gun threat prompts class cancelation at the University of Chicago



New Yorker’s Daily cartoon

Man guns down Waffle House server after she asks him not to smoke inside – – Are you keeping count NRA? (Is this a good guy with a gun?)

On the trail of guns in Providence (One city’s attempt to track the history and kinds of guns used in crime)

SF gun thefts from vehicles spike alongside car break-ins (People are making it too easy for “bad guys” to get guns)

California’s Armed Prohibited Persons System at work:More than 500 illegal guns seized from California man’s home

Mom whose twin babies were killed has a message about domestic violence you shouldn’t ignore

Bill Mahar goes after open carry ammosexuals

“To hear a mother’s cries…it does something to you”

Dallas Mayor says he’s more fearful of armed white men than Syrian refugees

America is ready to end its abusive relationship with the NRA

Guns in America: for every criminal killed in self-defense, 34 innocent people die 

A Virginia Tech Survivor puts a face on the gun violence prevention movement (Interview with Colin Goddard

Unaccounted for:Hundreds of guns lost or stolen from Bay Area police agencies since 2010 (Eye opening investigation

Kids are bringing guns to school on an almost daily basis this academic year 

From 2004 to 2014, almost 2,000 over 2,000 terror suspects legally purchased guns in the United States

As the founders intended: A woman with a foot so tyrannical,  she shot it twice. GunFAIL CLXV  (You don’t need  to read all the stories to get the idea!)  

Assault weapons stolen from Massachusetts Armory 

New poll details the divisions between the NRA and gun owners at large

Is opposing gun limits offshoot of male rage? 

Watch Al-Qaeda spokesman talk about how easy it is to buy guns in America  

Kids in Texas more likely to get tasered at school than in jail

T-shirt memorials seek to raise awareness of gun violence (striking. Could it be done in your town?)

Crime Reporter spend their nights racing to murder scenes. Sometimes the stories follow them home. Another group impacted by gun violence!

New York hoopsters team up against gun violence

Chicago gun violence high despite city’s tough gun laws.  An NPR short program

The price of normalizing open carry