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California’s state Senate passed a package of 7 new firearms regulations, and If the California Assembly passes the package of new regulations approved by the Senate, California will continue to have the strictest, and most rational gun control laws in the country.Read the article here.

Laws approved & rejected by Gov. Brown

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Cleveland School Remembers’ part of holiday parade

“We’re moved by the impact that gun violence has on children, because we were impacted at Cleveland school. It carries with you all your life,” former teacher Julie Schardt said.  See the full story ..

Viewpoints: Bill could prevent another gun massacre

 By Julie Schardt and Judy Weldon 

Special to The Bee

Published: Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013 – 12:26 am

“The assault rifles within the scope of SB 374 weren’t designed for hunting or home defense. They were designed for the battlefield, with the single purpose of killing as many people as possible in the shortest time possible. They are weapons of mass murder. They are available in your local Walmart.”  Read more here…..

‘We’re better than this’ — Virginia Tech shooting film to screen in S.J (Stockton Record August 4, 2013)

Cleveland School Remembers (CSR) sponsors the viewing of “Living for 32”. Julie Schardt, of the CSR group,  said her group’s members were intrigued by(Colin)Goddard’s story after learning how it propelled him into action. She said her group, (Cleveland School Remembers), is “not advocating people’s guns be taken away” and does not want to “threaten anybody’s Second Amendment rights.”

But she also said that without a nationwide system of background checks, “You can drive to Reno, go to a gun show, and drive back to California with a gun.”

Of the children who died at Cleveland Elementary, Schardt said, “We are living for five, in a way. We are living for those five and all the people and their families who have been touched by this.”

“Cleveland School remembers … has moved beyond ‘living for five,’ ” Schardt added. “We are dedicated to making changes in gun laws so our community (locally, statewide and nationally) can exist in a safer, more peaceful environment.”

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Letter to the Editor from Cleveland School Remembers:  Don’t be afraid to ask questions for the safety of kids. The Center to Prevent Youth Violence, in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, has developed the Asking Saves Kids campaign to urge parents to ask their neighbors, relatives and friends if there is a gun in the house before sending their children over to play.


Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva joins Mayors Against Illegal Guns.




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