This Sociologist Spent A Decade Studying the NRA — and Saw How It Paved The Way for Trump

An interesting article about the impact of NRA. A quick excerpt:

” You talked about the various crises of masculinity in American history: the first being the transition from an agrarian economy where men owned their own labor, to an industrial economy where men sold their labor. How have those crises of masculinity served the NRA?

Women are working at rates comparable to most men. Still, I think most men still maintain a breadwinner identity. If that’s threatened, and it is, by shifts in the economy, then that’s going to lead to all sorts of reactionary politics.

And if that’s coupled with a sense, accurately or in many cases inaccurately, that others are doing better than them, or receiving special rights, then that allows them to feel like victims.

The NRA, other social movement organizations, and certainly Donald Trump can get folks to believe messages that they’re victims of this kind of left-wing attack on their values, their livelihoods and ultimately their masculine identities.”…..Read the Full Article

Cleveland School Remembers makes the Safety for All List




More than 32,000 Americans lose their lives to gun violence each year. There have been 150 school shootings since Sandy Hook. Yet the NRA has obstructed even the most basic efforts to curb gun violence.

But in California, we can defeat the NRA in 2016 by going straight to voters through an historic ballot initiative. To win, we need your help.

Most notorious mass shooters are young, angry men who regularly displayed antisocial behavior

Couple this with easy access to automatic weapons, and our society has real problems!

“The roster of America’s most notorious mass shooters is populated by young, angry men who regularly displayed antisocial behavior before they carried out attacks. Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger, Charleston shooter Dylann Roof, and Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho had all been previously identified, by a parent, roommate, or school administrator as a threat.”

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Democratic Congressman Jerry McNerney and Cleveland School Teachers rally in Stockton

Democratic Congressman Jerry McNerney and Cleveland School Teachers rallied together in downtown Stockton on Tuesday afternoon to call for stricter gun laws.

Cleveland School Remembers, a local Stockton organization, joined with community members and Jeryy McNerney,for a vigil to honor victims and survivors of gun violence.