Cleveland School Remembers (CSR) works to reduce violence and to bring about awareness of the impact of gun violence on the community. CSR is working with local and national groups to facilitate a reduction in violence. We do this through:

  • Education
  • Outreach activities which engage children and families in conversations about neighborhood violence (Healthy Kids’ Day, Earth Day, and other events (city-wide)
  • Networking & planning with other groups
  • Being vocal about legislation for common sense gun laws, within our state and nationally.

We support programs and legislation that:

  • Increase public safety
  • Empower youth
  • Provide anti-violence awareness
  • Support sensible gun laws

Cleveland School Remembers was founded by a group of  teachers who survived the Cleveland Elementary School shooting in 1989. Read more about the first school shooting..

The Cleveland School Shooting


A Sobering Reality Check: